Cybersecurity Subscription wants to help your business improve your security and reduce the chance of a cyber attack. It is better to be proactive and have security measures and training in place to prevent cyberattacks. Most cybercriminals will target small businesses because they know small business networks are easier to hack. Also, many small businesses don't have sufficient training in place for their employees. Most attacks can come from within if your employee clicks on a phishing email and replies to it or clicks on a bad email link and downloads a bad virus that could encrypt your files, and the hackers could ask for thousands of dollars to retrieve your files. will recommend the security measures and devices that are needed to protect your business. We provide a Written Information Security Policy and annual Cyber security training for your employees. Hence, they are aware of scams on the internet and can be aware of different cyberattacks that could take place and cost a business thousands of dollars and time loss.

    Benefits of adding our Cybersecurity subscription to your business:
  • • Perform a cybersecurity audit to detect potential threats.
  • • Provide recommendations to protect your business.
  • • Customized security suite designed to minimize threats and their aftermath.
  • • Written Information Security Policy (WISP) tailored to your business.
  • • Initial and Annual cybersecurity training for your employees.
  • • Set proactive measures to protect your business.
  • • Simulated Phishing Tests.
  • • Support during an external cybersecurity audit.
  • • Mitigation plan after cybersecurity audit.