Business Threat and Risk Analysis

Service Description:
Backup setups provide everything necessary to have cloud or local backups in place. A cloud backup is provided through a purchased service like Google Drive or Carbonite. A local backup is set up with an external hard drive and software such as Windows backup, Veeam, or Urbackup. If you have crucial or important data that you want to preserve, having a backup is highly recommended to minimize the risk of losing data. Types of data that can be backed up are important files, computer images, and documents. If you have had a security breach on your network, or believe someone has accessed it without your approval, we can perform a remote threat and risk analysis and check for possible network or computer breaches.

“I think someone is accessing my network, can you check it for me?

Our Process:
We would need access to the network. Check all your network devices to ensure there is no intrusion and monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. We will look for anomalies in your network and provide a summary of the findings.

Requirements for service:
Network credentials